Have started keeping journals, as have been told all good writers should.  Have attempted to keep journals since college but usually only got as far as buying a journal book every year or so.  Now have an embarrassingly large collection of journal books, most of which are entirely blank.

Now that I’m determined to be a writer, made my usual New Year’s resolution to keep a journal (except this year, I’m really gonna do it. Swear to God.)

Decided to make up for lost journaling time by keeping several journals at once: 1) a One-Line-A-Day journal where I sum up the day in one line, 2) a regular journal where I write about the day at length, 3) and a sketch diary where I record the day’s impressions, emotions, events, etc. by way of illustration.  I thought: Huzzah – on my way to be the best journaling-ist, ever!  (or at least, the most thorough.)

First week of journaling went spectacularly well.  Did it every night before bed.  Began to really enjoy journaling and regretted all the years I’d missed out on the fun!  To think that I once thought of journaling as homework — pshaw!  When friends or family tried to lure me off my new journaling-way-of-life with invitations to late-night movies and other such distractions that might tempt me to stay out too late and return home too tired to journal, I politely but firmly declined them with: “I’m sorry, but I’ve got a date with my journal tonight.”

Second week of journaling did not go as well as the first.  In the middle of the week, suddenly realized that I had skipped 2 days of journaling.  Ack!  Stayed up late that night trying to catch up on 2 missed days in addition to current day’s entry.  Had a hard time remembering events of 2 days prior.  Started worrying about whether my memory was fading and stayed up even later to look up signs of early onset Alzheimers.  Tired the next day, gave myself a good mental flagellation to make sure I didn’t fall behind on journaling again.

Last night, opened journals and realized I was 4 days behind.  Argh.  Quickly jotted down one-line summaries for the 4 days into One-Line-A-Day journal.  Summaries read, respectively: “Wrote,” “Wrote today,” “Wrote again,” and “Tried to write.”  Then copied exact same lines into regular journal for those 4 days.  Then drew fast stick figure sketch of me sitting at my desk into sketch diary.  After a moment’s thought, saved myself some time by adding speech bubble above head of stick figure saying, “This is what I did for the past 4 days.”  Went to bed late.  Exhausted.

Journaling is not for the weak.


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