About AJ Rokin

I’m an aspiring novelist penning her first manuscript.

In a nutshell, this blog is just what the title says — it’s my procrastination page.  More specifically, I will use it to record the highs and lows as I go through this harrowing process, work through writer’s block, seek inspiration (and force it, if necessary), and answer the question my dear friends and family ask me more than any other since I began this journey, “What exactly do you do all day?”

But more than anything, these pages are a way for me to keep humor while attempting one of the scariest things I’ve ever tried to do — become a writer.


2 comments on “About AJ Rokin

  1. christine says:

    Hey there. I have a new way for you to procrastinate: I gave you one of those “spread the love” blogging awards. Do with it as you see fit…


  2. AJ Rokin says:

    Wow, thanks, Christine! Much appreciated. Cheers!

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